A Co-Founder Growing in His Career

Rajagopal Sathyamurthi

Software Development Manager at Rajagopal Sathyamurthi (Amazon)



"Very early in my career I ended up co-founding a company. I wanted to use technology to solve a problem and I started the company wanting to solve a particular pain point for a specific industry. That was my motivation. Along the way I learned how to scale a team, scale a product, and build a scalable solution that people loved. Often times this is seen as being awesome- which don't get me wrong, it is- but I wanted to continue to grow in my career. So how do you grow as an engineer who co-founded a company even while you are faced with the task of running an organization?"

Actions taken

"The main thing that I do is challenge myself whenever possible. I look into areas that I haven't touched yet or areas that I have difficulty in and confront them. For me, it's about figuring out ways to get uncomfortable. There have been times where I have felt comfortable with what I am doing but at the same time there was something amiss. It's sometimes nice to feel comfortable and on top of everything, but if you're constantly in that state then it means either you as a person or your company is missing out on something." "I think it's about going out and finding those different situations and tasks that make you a better person, and at the same time help the company. For example, one day I had gathered up the courage to give a talk on a panel. I wanted a way to further my growth and I thought that speaking in front of a large group was something that fit the criteria. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone and was really empowering, personally for myself as well as publicly for the company."

Lessons learned

"As a co-founder you have to shield your employees. You also have to give them interesting work while trying to protect them. But that doesn't mean all of your energy should be focused on them. Be sure to take some time out to give yourself some interesting work and to protect and grow in your own career as well."

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Rajagopal Sathyamurthi

Software Development Manager at Rajagopal Sathyamurthi (Amazon)

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