4 E's of Leadership

Ramesh Dewangan

CEO at Quantum Vision Consulting


Jack Welch's Leadership Assessment: The 4Es of Leadership

Jack Welch, a legendary leader who has inspired generations of leaders to think beyond their imagination, helped develop in GE a very effective leadership assessment that is easily transferred to other industries. The assessment details the 4Es of leadership – energy, energize, edge, and execution.

In your organization, just ask these four questions about each manager or leader:

1. What level of energy does the leader display?

When you assess energy at your company, look for evidence of consistently high stamina, happiness, and enthusiasm for our mission.

2. How well does the leader energize others on her/his team?

This is how well the leader acts as a catalyst and moves their team into action towards achieving your mission. Recall Steve Jobs? Examine how well leaders energize people in your company, how well the team members individually achieve their outcomes, how effectively they communicate, and how well they retain capable team members.

"Examine how well leaders energize people in your company."

3. Do they have the edge to deal effectively with conflict and make tough decisions?

Assess the "edge" at our company by looking at our leader's ability to recognize problems, evaluate solutions, and make decisions. Also, look at their ability to manage conflict internally and externally effectively. Finally, note whether they can emotionally deal with the ups and downs of leading in today's ever-changing world.

4. Does the leader execute strategies effectively and achieve their strategic plan?

This is how well you deliver results; deliver your plan. We evaluate a leader's ability to execute at our company by evaluating the quality of their team's services and their financial results over a continuous period, not just one year.

If you continually assess your leaders based on 4E's, identify strengths and weaknesses, and work on an effective development plan, you can take the organization to higher levels.

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Ramesh Dewangan

CEO at Quantum Vision Consulting

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