10x Engineer – The Root Cause

CD (Chris Dolezalek)

EVP, R&D at Hum Capital, Inc


Concept of 10x Engineers and Growth Mindset

This article examines the concept of 10x engineers, which are believed to be highly skilled individuals who can contribute 10 times more than their peers. It looks into how to find, hire, inspire, and develop these engineers, as well as how to prevent them from leaving. It also discusses Carol Dweck's notion of learners possessing a "fixed mindset" or "growth mindset" and how to foster the growth mindset.

"10x engineers are highly skilled individuals who can contribute 10 times more than their peers."

References to 10x Companies and Leaders

The article references Jim Collins' book, Great by Choice, which discusses 10x companies and 10x leaders, as well as an article from Harvard Business Review which explains how Microsoft uses a growth mindset to develop leaders. It provides strategies for identifying growth-minded employees during the interview process and a 7-step process for hiring 10x engineers.

Importance of Recognizing Qualities and Developing Deep Learning

The article also discusses the risk tolerance of 10x engineers, the importance of recognizing the qualities that set 10x engineers apart when hiring, and how to develop deep learning through short repetitions and feedback loops.

The Changing Landscape of Software Development

Finally, it discusses the "Happy Demise of the 10X Engineer" and how software development is being replaced by enabling technology, as well as the importance of engineering and scientific innovation in "deep-tech" companies.

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CD (Chris Dolezalek)

EVP, R&D at Hum Capital, Inc

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