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Joey Lei

Sr. Product Manager II at HashiCorp

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We as technology leaders often have the dream to develop a product that's really cool. However, we often forget to think about how a product makes an impact for people and their needs. I have worked on "cool" products that solve deeply technical challenges as an engineer/product manager for over a decade. Now, I am focused on driving business results through technology leadership. I am most well versed in the practical application of IT technologies. I also have an insatiable curiosity for disruptive technologies; most recently immersed in the real world application of distributed ledgers to technology starved markets. Of course who can forget, exploring the practicality of cryptocurrencies as a means for exchanging something of value, rather than as a speculative, energy intensive commodity. At the center of this is my passion for exploring the customer journey where technologies inevitably change, evolve, or are reborn as new, disruptive inventions. I have a tenure of over 15 years in Research and Development at various technology companies (both in an engineering and product management capacity). I am a firm believer of constant learning. I have learned much from my peers, my mentors, my classmates, and even random passerby's. I am ready to pay it forward.


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