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Yan Avery

CTO at Budge Inc.

CTO at Budge, ex-IBM, ex-AppDirect, ex-Zola

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Joined Jul 2022

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CTO at Budge, ex-IBM, ex-AppDirect, ex-Zola


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Yan Avery. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Yan Avery's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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Deep technical understanding with team building & leadership skills. Here's an overview of my latest involvements: • Currently CTO at Budge, an early stage NYC based fintech startup. We are building a B2B2C paycheck management solution for middle America that integrates directly with payroll and allows employees to divvy up their paycheck and send money towards student loan debt, credit card debt, emergency savings accounts, etc, just as they would do with their 401k retirement savings. • CTO at Expertus Technologies (an IBM company) where I managed all Product and Engineering efforts for this Montreal based fintech company specializing in B2B payment solutions, more specifically around wires and SWIFT. Successful exit in December 2020 when we sold Expertus to IBM and had our key products integrated into IBM's global IPC (IBM Payment Center). • Engineering Lead at Zola, a NYC based wedding-centric e-commerce (B2C) company. I bootstrapped their Montreal office where I was their #1 hire and helped scale the team to 20+ people within a year. • Identity & Access Management (IAM) Engineering Lead at AppDirect, a San Francisco based cloud B2B marketplace provider. I helped bootstrap their Montreal office where I was their < 10 employee and helped scale the Montreal Engineering team all the way up to 200+ people in just over four years. • Senior Architect at MEI/TradeInsight (and AFS company), a Montreal based enterprise B2B software vendor. I helped architect and build from scratch a large scale and complex SaaS web application allowing for consumer goods companies (CPG) to manage their trade promotion spending (TPM). Successful exit in October 2012 when we sold MEI/TradeInsight to AFS which was later sold to Telus. • Engineering Manager at Kronos, a greater Boston area HRIS solutions provider. I managed 3 of their Engineering teams (20+ people) in their Montreal office, helping build Kronos' Scheduling solution which was part of their "Workforce Central" B2B offering.


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