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Radoslaw Gasiorek

Staff Engineer in Data and Machine Learning, Architect in Cyber Security field at Ex Dell, Secureworks

Global Leader of Data and Machine learning product teams in Cyber Security, CISSP

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Joined Sep 2023

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Global Leader of Data and Machine learning product teams in Cyber Security, CISSP


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Radoslaw Gasiorek. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Radoslaw Gasiorek's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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Hi, I'm Radoslaw, but you can call me Radek. My background lies in artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a 20+ years of experience as an software architect, tech lead, engineer, and a mentor. Based in United Kingdom in Scotland I Led globally distributed engineering teams in the domain of machine learning, big-data, software development, cloud native architecture and cybersecurity. Experienced setting up a product teams based on clear mission, its values, with data driven principles and with empowering the team techniques. With expertise in data ingestion and streaming, analysis and transformation, ML model development, training, deployment, serving and monitoring I can help both in hands-on problems as well as high level processes like DevOps, , SDLC, MLOps and QA. My architecture processes, which is focused on selecting the right technology for the right business problem, led to a very broad understanding of varied tech-stacks, languages, processes and solutions. My approach is firmly rooted in the agile development principles, and in fostering the adoption of DevOps and MLOps married up with discipline from 'The Toyota Way'. I've also earned patents in the realms of AI and cybersecurity, and made notable community contributions i.e. when lecturing at my local university as an expert. Beyond technical aspects, I place a significant emphasis on people—nurturing qualities such as care, passion, respect, and diversity within teams. I've successfully steered strategic projects while embracing the valuable lessons learned from previous challenges. My commitment extends to guiding the next generation of leaders always able to spot hidden Mavericks and Unicorns. Hiring people better than me, mentoring and teaching them to enable their success is always the highest reward and satisfaction for me. At the heart of my methodology is curiosity, care, mental and technical safe space to fail and fail fast and the ability to transform change into opportunity.


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