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Melanie Zens

Delivery, Operations & Transformation Leader at Marais Consulting Inc

I help engineering leaders build healthy, inclusive teams and the processes & systems to support them

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Joined Feb 2023

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I help engineering leaders build healthy, inclusive teams and the processes & systems to support them


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My philosophy is people first; process and technology will follow. I care deeply about building healthy, inclusive engineering teams, providing them with the frameworks, tools and systems that enable them to thrive. I am incredibly curious about the intersection between engineering and product teams and finding ways to effectively collaborate and build great products. Most recently I was Director of Engineering Operations in Twilio's Comms Platform team with 500+ engineers. I'm currently back to freelancing at my own company, Marais Consulting, where I provide services for companies undergoing digital transformation and organizational change. I am also working on my Executive Coaching certification with a focus on technical leadership. Here are a few topics I can help with: - Strategies for building inclusive teams and psychological safety - Building innovation hubs and cultures of experimentation - Leadership strategies for new and emerging managers - Communication strategies for “managing up” and building executive presence - Leveraging engineering analytics to support people health, process and productivity - Building collaboration and trust across Engineering and Product teams - Leading people and process through mergers & acquisitions - Effective engineering onboarding and retention strategies - Developer experience from recruitment to continuous growth, learning & development - Connecting people to strategy, execution & outcomes


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