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Loic Houssier

SVP of Engineering at Productboard

SVP Engineering at ProductBoard

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Joined Jan 2019

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Loic is a Master of Science graduate in Math and Cryptography from the University of Paris. With a passion for security and innovation, he began his career as a security researcher at Orange Security Labs. After his tenure at Orange, Loic joined Thales, a global leader in the defense industry. During his time at Thales, Loic worked on a variety of projects ranging from information security to submarines and aircraft carrier maintenance. Looking to explore the startup world, Loic joined OpenTrust, a small but growing company. As CTO, he helped to drive the technical vision and product roadmap, ultimately contributing to the company's successful acquisition by Docusign. At Docusign, Loic served as VP of Engineering, playing a key role in the company's growth and eventual IPO. With a desire to return to the startup world, Loic joined Firstbase, a logistics company, 100% remote and distributed (US / EU) before joining ProductBoard as SVP of Engineering.


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