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Kean Wong

Former VP of SW Engineering at Pebble

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Joined Jul 2018

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I’m currently consulting, after having spent 20 years in both HW and SW positions working for companies in the Bay Area. You can contact me via www.hikiwi.consulting Most recently I was at Intel for 2 years (working on the Vaunt smartglasses project) as a Sr. Director of SW, with a peak of about 150 employees and 100 contractors. Prior to Intel, I was VP of SW at Pebble (the smartwatch company) from 2013-2016, and grew the SW eng team there from 6 people to ~100. Prior to Pebble I was at Facebook for 2 years (mostly system architecture and as an IC on some secret projects), before that I had a mix of SW, HW, architecture and strategy roles at Palm over 11 years. I have also performed a lot of patent work through my career (>90 issued US patents, and >100 active applications). I’ve done a lot of engineering management and mentorship, and really enjoy coaching others on how to build and sustain high performing engineering organizations.


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