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Jerome Thibaud

Pragmatic technology leader with international experience across Finance, Event Ticketing, and Healthcare. Bring order to Chaos.

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Joined Mar 2023

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Let's bring order to chaos and get more value! Technique beats strength any day. I'll be happy to discuss architecture, distributed systems, coding best practices and all mechanisms that can support the efficient delivery of value to the users. We should talk about change management (getting buy-in, planning, etc.) as well. I am a pragmatist, it's nice to have a design but you must make it happen to yield the benefits. Any endeavor relies on people to succeed. I strive to build scalable systems of folks+software. I have worked in small teams and large companies and I have grown teams from small to big. I'll be happy to listen to the challenges of your situation and explore team structure and processes that could work best for you. I've worked in small and big companies, going through many stages of growth, being the acquiring company, being acquired. In my 20+ years in tech, I've worked in France and in the US and can talk to many of the cultural pitfalls and differences. I am a fan and practitioner of VR/AR/Spatial. I'm looking forward to any conversation on the topic. I am curious to learn about you and your circumstances. Looking forward to chatting with you!


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