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Jean Barmash

CTO at Apprentice.io

Senior Engineering Leadership Roles at Multiple Growth-Stage Startups

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Joined Aug 2018

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Senior Engineering Leadership Roles at Multiple Growth-Stage Startups


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I've had different engineering leadership roles for about 15 years, and have been part of six different startups, from co-founding one to late-stage, including three Unicorns. Most of my experience is with B2B SaaS companies. I am currently Chief Technical Officer at Apprentice.io, healthcare startup focused on software for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Before then, worked at Komodo, a big data startup, and Compass, the residential real estate Unicorn based in NYC (IPO in Apr '21). I was the Head of Engineering at Series B startup in retail space with my whole engineering team in Siberia, eventually acquihired. I also co-founded an early stage startup in energy efficiency space. To help improve the overall technical leadership, about 10 years ago I co-founded and still organize the CTO School Meetup in NYC http://www.meetup.com/ctoschool/. If you are in NYC, please join!


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