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Gaston Duarte

Sr Eng. Manager | ex-CTO | Co-Founder | Entrepreneur at Naranja X

Sr Engineering Manager | IT Director | Financial solutions | PayFacs | Fintech

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Joined Jan 2024

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Sr Engineering Manager | IT Director | Financial solutions | PayFacs | Fintech


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I am an experienced technology leader with a strong background in conceiving and delivering infrastructure-based products, transaction platforms, and web applications. My career has been driven by a deep passion for innovation and a focus on fostering effective teams. Over the years, I have led various technology projects, from small-scale solutions to large, complex systems. My approach to leadership centers on driving innovation that aligns with the organization's strategic goals. I thrive in challenging environments and bring unwavering dedication to every project. My leadership style emphasizes the cultivation of high-performing teams and the promotion of a collaborative work culture. As a 'people person,' I value interpersonal relationships and recognize their significance in project success. I firmly believe that a motivated and empowered team is vital for achieving technological excellence. My mission is to continue delivering innovative technology solutions while nurturing talent within the organization. I offer a unique blend of technical expertise and genuine enthusiasm for each project, creating dynamic and forward-thinking workspaces


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