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Ramkumar Sundarakalatharan

VP - Engineering at ITILITE Technologies

Engineering Leader | Security Enthusiast | 2X exits | Itilite | Zarget

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Joined Feb 2022

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Engineering Leader | Security Enthusiast | 2X exits | Itilite | Zarget


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Ramkumar Sundarakalatharan. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Ramkumar Sundarakalatharan's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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I am Ramkumar Sundarakalatharan, VP - Engineering at ITILITE Technologies. I joined the founding team as the 2nd Engineer and 1st member of the Leadership team. I architected the V1 of the product and built it with a frugal team of 3 developers. After Series-A funding, I quickly ramped up the team and led on the ground which resulted in 100+ new logo acquisitions in India. After Series-B funding I progressively improved the product's capabilities and built the team with specialised squads for Infrastructure, Quality and Support. Additionally, I took the security and compliance mandate and led the journey in multiple accreditations including ISO27001, SOC2 and PCI-DSS. I have also diversified the product offering to include expense management and led the product builds to aid the international expansion (US and SEA). I am passionate about mentorship and have been a mentor at Plato, a platform for helping individuals grow and develop. I have had two successful exits previous to Itilite. Overall, I have led the Engineering mandate for more than $50 Million of fundraising.


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