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Cristina Carstea

Mindset Coach, Mentor, Organizational Consultant. Former Tech, FinTech, Risk Management at The Kind Code

Expert in Personal & Professional Growth, ex-Tech Firm Manager, Group Dynamics Specialist.

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Joined Oct 2022

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Expert in Personal & Professional Growth, ex-Tech Firm Manager, Group Dynamics Specialist.


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Cristina Carstea. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Cristina Carstea's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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“ I enable people to connect the dots from their Now-self to their Future-self in a sustainable way. I can take you on a journey from surviving to thriving by helping you unlock new life and work views, and linking the two. My own journey kicked off as an individual contributor in a small tech firm, and took me further through a very diverse set of work environments, roles, and responsibilities in different companies and product domains. Along the way, I've helped peers, direct reports, and mentees alike to (re-)establish healthy dynamics with themselves and within their teams, and to identify their areas of optimal contribution, control, development, and influence. In my past experience, I've managed a team of 6, and have dealt with promotions, under-performance, terminations, toxic dynamics, cultural pockets. I've studied Management and Organizational Development and gained experience in assessing groups and defining interventions to structurally change group dynamics. I believe the success of a person at any level and in any role within an organization is an equation of 3 variables: the person, the context, and the people, and I can provide guidance in understanding and solving them. I can help individual contributors, first-time managers, managers who feel stuck, as well as fresh executives. I enthusiastically share with people my passion for growth and for contributing to the bigger picture and to a brighter world. I carry a toolbox of personal and professional experience and of continuous learning, and have endless energy to dispense on personal and career development journeys.


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