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Chris Norris

CTO at Bicycle Health

Engineering leader for startups

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Joined May 2020

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I am the Chief Technology Officer at Bicycle Health, helping thousands of patients manage opioid addiction through our virtual care platform. Our evidence-based treatment and technology-enabled approach has allowed us to serve patients in 23 states across the US, with 95% reporting no withdrawal symptoms within 7 days. Our success rate is 40% higher than the standard set by in-person clinics. I have worked across a wide range of verticals and technology in 6 startups, and have helped achieve 4 exits (3 acquisitions, 1 IPO). As well as my full-time CTO job, I also run my own fractional CTO business. Servant leadership and a focus on people are at the core of my drive and passion. My experience in software engineering, product management, analytics, and IT have been integral in helping companies bring their products and services to market. In addition to my professional pursuits, I enjoy helping others discover and develop their passions, and watching them progress and succeed.


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