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Aravind Valloor Mana

Engineering Manager at Broadcom

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Joined Mar 2021

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I help people become the best version of themselves! The main tool I use to transform ambitious and hardworking people achieve their best version is coaching and mentoring. Coaching seems to be one of the most underrated tools that can transform our lives. It was a coincidence that I got introduced to coaching a couple of years back, and I have reaped the benefits of coaching, and have seen others who got coached get the same. I believe that the most unfortunate thing that we see around is people living in mediocrity. Very few people try to upgrade their skills or focus on their strengths. All of us are blessed with immense potential, but because of our limiting beliefs that we picked up during the various stages of our lives, we tend to ignore our strengths. We continue to live in our cocoon. It's our duty that we perform at our best with the unlimited potential we have been blessed with. I help those who really want to get out of the cocoon and help them fly around as butterflies. I am in a mission to transform many lives with coaching and mentoring - by listening to people, working with them, and crafting personalized solutions that would work for them the best. What makes me so confident in making the above statement is the experience I have gained working in highly reputed organizations for more than 20 years. I am also certified as a coach by International Coaching Federation. I have mentored, led and coached top-notch engineers from the IITs and NITs become the best version of themselves.


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