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Andrew Tsui

Director of Product at CNN

Product leader, Product mentor, and amateur brisket smoker.

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Joined Jun 2021

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I am a proven Product leader bolstered by 16+ years of product management and consulting experience across a range of B2C and B2B SaaS companies. I am an expert in bringing data-centric products to life and coaching teams on Growth initiatives and Platform products especially in the MarTech and media spaces. As far as mentorship goes, I participate in several networks to help Product Managers advance their careers. As part of the Primary Ventures Mastermind Network, designed to empower portfolio companies to succeed, I help Product folks pursue their Head of Product or Founder futures, and curate programming and content to help them reach their goals. I'm also a StartEd Accelerator Mentor, a MentorCruise mentor and coach, and of course help Product Managers here on Plato as well. In my spare time, I enjoy making barbecue, bags, and a good whisky.


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