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Allison Nulty

Head of Product at Doximity

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Joined Sep 2019

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Hi Everyone, I'm Allison! I am currently the Head of Product for Contra, a series B startup building the future of independent work. At Contra, we're building a digital community for independent creators to connect with one another, find opportunities, and ultimately get paid (commission-free!) on our platform. Prior to this, I was a Product Manager at Doximity, a late stage healthcare tech company that's focused on making US-based clinicians more efficient. I spent my last year there managing our Voice and Video telemedicine products amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but have covered multiple product domains over the past four years. I come from an atypical background for product management with a career start in Strategy Consulting and Global Public Health. I am passionate about helping others channel their cross-industry experiences into being an effective Product Manager and leader. I thrive on effective communication, organization, and collaboration. Excited to be connected with you all!


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