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Alex Khadiwala

Head of Engineering at Stealth Mode Startup

Founding Engineer at Stealth Startup - Seed Stage | Angel Investor | Whisk(e)y, music, and bread enthusiast

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Joined Oct 2020

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Founding Engineer at Stealth Startup - Seed Stage | Angel Investor | Whisk(e)y, music, and bread enthusiast


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Alex Khadiwala. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Alex Khadiwala's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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The sorts of mentees I can best serve: - Tech leads, engineering managers, directors of engineering - Small to medium sized companies My strengths as a mentor are in being compassionate, an active listener, and honesty. I can help you work through specific challenges you are facing, be a soundboard, help you strategize your career path, recommend systems for improving the health and productivity of your team, and many other things. Including whiskey recommendations. --------------- I love technology. And when used for good, it can be used to create interesting, useful, and wonderful things. My goal in the past, now and in the future is to contribute to the building of systems or applications that can achieve all of the above. Technology can help us connect with people, make us more efficient, keep in touch with our loved ones, discover new ideas or concepts, and simplify our lives, all of which make us happier humans. In the end, when everything we do is boiled down to its most raw form, we realize that happiness should rule all above. For me, that happiness comes from pursuing what I enjoy, and that is technology. And as it is something that I am passionate about, it is the successes, whether small or large, that make me happy. I also love music, whisk(e)y, and food.


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