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How to Effectively Release Features

Coaching / Training / Mentorship

11 February, 2022

Ricardo Aravena
Ricardo Aravena

Infrastructure Engineering Manager at Rakuten Rewards

Ricardo Aravena, Infrastructure Engineering Manager at Rakuten Rewards, shares his uncommon method of dealing with a common problem faced by most big tech organizations.

Is Releasing More Features Good?

The problem that I had, happens to most big tech organizations. There is a big application that all the developers contribute to, and every time there is a need to release a feature, all the teams need to pull together. Whether it’s QA, DevOps, or product, all the teams require to come together to do a full testing across all the systems. However, the idea is to break this chain and allow for teams to run more independently so that they are able to create their own services to solve the same problem as a big monolithic application. As more companies are looking to increase productivity and allow developers to create more features, they are scrutinizing ways to become more agile.

Creating an Automation System

We created an automation system that could be used across the different teams to provision infrastructure. This allowed them to operate at their own pace. Then we created a standard for monitoring all the systems that engineers were actually using. Nonetheless, we standardized the kind of dashboards and metrics that we needed to use.

In terms of other actions, we worked with different squad leads and product leads to build an understanding of the new standards we were creating. It helped us align ourselves and bridge the gap between the product and engineering leads.

Lessons learned

  • Understand which of your team members need more coaching, and who needs more training. It will enable you to become the leader that they are looking for in their team.

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