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Wadah Sayyed

Wadah Sayyed

Director of engineering at Ex-HPE

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  • Monday 31st Jan8:00 PM (GMT)


Enable the collective creativity around me so that together we create products that customers love. Proven ability to start and grow strong engineering teams with a culture of empowerment, community, and incrementalism. Hands-on engineering executive with a track record of delivering products from concept to production. Ability to partner with product management and other stakeholders to establish a vision, build roadmaps, lead prioritization, and ensure rapid delivery to the highest business objectives.

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16 Years


Manager of Managers


Computer Software
Computer Hardware

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Leading With Curiosity

30 December

Wadah Sayyed, Director of Engineering at HPE, talks of his distinct leadership approach and shares how curiosity was his secret ingredient for excelling both as a tech leader and people manager.

Accepting Tough Decisions

30 December

Wadah Sayyed, Director of Engineering at HPE, shares how he had to accept some tough decisions when pursuing his plan, though rightful, became disruptive to the team.

Managing Expectations
One Culture, One Organization, One Mission… Post-Acquisition

30 December

Wadah Sayyed, Director of Engineering at HPE, outlines all the actions he took to ensure the successful integration of two teams following the acquisition.

Company Culture
Sharing The Vision
Structuring a Startup for Scale

30 December

Wadah Sayyed, Director of Engineering at HPE, discusses how he helped set his startup for success by mapping out ownership structures and building teams around clear ownership.

Scaling Team
Team Processes
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