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Vishal Verma

Vishal Verma

Engineering Manager at Netflix

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  • Wednesday 26th Jan9:30 PM (GMT)

Extensive hands-on experience in design, development of high performance distributed systems, APIs, and products used by people around the world. Humble leader of talented teams, including distributed teams. Lead-by-example, likable management style with emphasis on innovation, ownership and impact. Trusted time and again to be key technology liaison for customers.

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2 Years


Manager of ICs


Cloud Services
Computer Software
Entertainment, Media & Music
Financial Services / Fintech

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Understanding How a Mission Impacts the World

21 June

Vishal Verma, Engineering Manager at Netflix, advises us to consider the impact that our careers and accomplishments may have on the world around us.

Mission / Vision / Charter
The Pros and the Cons of a Career Ladder

21 June

Vishal Verma, Engineering Manager at Netflix, discusses whether career ladders promote or inhibit growth.

Handling Promotion
Understanding the Difference Between Working as a Technician and Working as a Manager

21 June

Vishal Verma, Engineering Manager at Netflix, explains the leap of faith that transitioning into a leadership position can be as an engineer.

Career Path
New Manager
Building Relationships While Integrating Oneself into a New Culture

21 June

Vishal Verma, Engineering Manager at Netflix, can attest to how challenging it can be to join a company far from where you were born.

Cultural Differences
Finding Your Calling as You Specialize in Your Field

21 June

Vishal Verma, Engineering Manager at Netflix, emphasizes the importance of using time strategically in order to find your purpose as a professional.

Career Path
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