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Tung Vo

Tung Vo

VP of Engineering at TripActions

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9 Years



Management Experience

Scaling Team
Career Path

Tung is a VP of Engineering at TripActions. After receiving his BS from UC Berkeley, he focused primarily on Computer Architectures and Virtualization before and after joining VMware. After four years with the company, he was brought on by Twitter as one of their first external engineering management hires and spent four years overseeing critical Platform initiatives. Since then, he consistently gravity toward early-stage companies in fascinating domains; from Commercial Real Estate to Travel. Tung began engineering management at an early stage of his career because of a simple obsession with the nuances of human interactions in a high-technical environment, especially at scale.

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A high performing employee threatened by a new hire of his caliber
7 May

Tung had to deal with two great engineers of the same caliber who started to compete and feel threatened one by another

Conflict solving
Career Path
Scaling Team
Toxic employee
Tung Vo

Tung Vo

VP of Engineering at TripActions


Groups Engineering


May 2019 - current

VP Engineering


Jul 2018 - current

Lead engineering, from development to operations and security, to create a modern travel management platform that powers the human connection.

Head Of Engineering - Commercial Real Estate


May 2017 - Jul 2018

Lead web and mobile product development to enable online marketplace for Commercial real estate; from Seller, Buyer, and Broker end-user experience to Ten-X commercial back-office operations

Sr Director of Engineering


Sep 2014 - Apr 2017

Lead web and mobile product development to redefine customer experience by providing insights and actionable feedback to all levels of world-class businesses around the world -- from C-suite to front-line.

Tcode Engineer

Platform Solutions, Inc

Jun 2004 - Jun 2007

Applying PSI’s JIT technology to realize the IBM z/Architecture on an Intel 64-bit Itanium Processors, which enables IBM z/OS and MVS to run on an HP/Intel platform along with other OS’s (Windows, Linux, Unix…). Specifically, we employ Itanium Instruction-Set Architecture (ISA) to emulate IBM assembly instruction-set; carrying out the equivalent operations. Designed and implemented IBM Hexadecimal Floating Point and IEEE Binary Floating Point instruction sets on Intel Itanium Architecture, via the hardware floating point architecture. Designed and implemented channel between the Processor and the outside world, where its states could be preserved and logged, in an event of a fatal error. Designed and implemented many internal tools using C, C++, Perl, XML, Python, and Linux Shells


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