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Somesh Kumar

Engineering project manager at Ericsson

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Hello Everyone! Great to be a part of this collaborative community of great mentors with vast experience! Originally from India, I've been in Ireland for ~19 years now - currently working in Ericsson as Project / Engineering Manager. I have done various leadership roles in Toastmasters International including being the President of Athlone club and Area 9 Director (which has 5 clubs). What I enjoy is helping people to find their best self through which they can give their best. There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing the progress that people make to become leaders, and, of course, leading without a title (when needed !)

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Ignoring- A Conflict Management Technique

4 July

Somesh Kumar outlines four ways to deal with conflict and why he chose to withdraw from the situation.

Conflict Solving
Toxic Employee
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Using Active Listening and Empathy to Improve a Situation

4 July

Somesh Kumar shares how he managed to deal one individual’s anxiety problem that had spilled over and affected the rest of the team.

Toxic Employee
Toxic Atmospheres
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
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