Praveen Koval

Praveen Koval

Head of QA at Stealth Start-up

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  • Tuesday 28th Mar5:00 PM

I am a passionate quality evangelist and strategist, enabling teams to transform and succeed at the growing speed of technology and process change. I am a highly motivated QA Head, having successfully established and developed highly effective and progressive teams and processes. Using best practices and advancements in process and technology, I lead teams to drive quality throughout the whole SDLC. Agile, Test First principles coupled with experience in quality in DevOps give me a well-rounded and holistic approach to quality. Embedded planning and clear processes into the development lifecycle, and by raising the level of cross-departmental communication and information sharing, I have been directly instrumental in achieving more effective and efficient delivery.

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7 Years


Manager of Managers


Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Entertainment, Media & Music

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