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Pierre Bergamin

Pierre Bergamin

VP of Engineering at Assignar

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Hello 👋

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hey everyone! My name is Pierre Bergamin and I am currently VP of Engineering at Assignar. Looking forward to meeting you!

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    10 Years




    Education / eTech
    Computer Software

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    Some Useful Tips for Decoupling Releases and Deployments

    30 June

    Pierre Bergamin, VP of Engineering at Assignar, outlines some useful tips for decoupling releases from deployment and increasing deployments by a huge factor, speeding up reverts and planning releases in a better way.

    Dev Processes
    Agile / Scrum
    A New Job as a VP of Engineering: A Lesson in Trust and Collaboration

    30 June

    Pierre Bergamin, VP of Engineering at Assignar, recalls his own transition to a leadership role in a new company and how he made everything smoother by embracing trust, delegating work and encouraging collaboration.

    New Manager Of Manager
    Changing Company
    Too Many Direct Reports

    30 June

    Pierre Bergamin, VP of Engineering at Assignar, shares how he overcame the overwhelm of having too many direct reports while at his previous job and how that helped him step back from day-to-day responsibilities and become more strategically oriented.

    Large Number Of Reports
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