Manoj Pahuja

Manoj Pahuja

Engineering Director, Quality and Productivity at Shippo

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Engineering leader who understands building Quality In Software, developer productivity, CICD and automation. Firm believer of data-driven decision making and establishing human connections to rally teams together.

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Engineering Lead, Quality and Productivity


Nov 2019 - current

Improving quality of product and life of engineers

Senior Software Engineer in Test


Sep 2018 - Nov 2019

• Introduce new coding questions and revamp some automation design questions for the QE interviews. • Build an XCResult to JUnit and XCResult to Slack reporter to alert on iOS failures. • Propose a common test results reporting API to consolidate and report all test results in one central location for Web, iOS and Android UI Automation. • Understand and revamp Web UI Automation for various services across the company. • Setup POC using and create a centralized easily distributable framework for all frontend services. • Create common API calls functionality and capture & log all network calls from the client to narrow down issues / failures with services when tests are run.

Sr. Engineering Manager, Quality and Productivity


Aug 2018 - Oct 2018

• Be an engineering point of contact for the integration of Main Street Hub into Godaddy ecosystem. • Facilitate evaluation of for some UI automation use cases. • Evangelize best practices, automation needs and CI practices across the company.

Engineering Manager, Quality and Productivity


Aug 2017 - Jul 2018

• Prioritize backlog based on measuring impact and effort estimates. • Implement cadence for rollbacks and hot fixes. • Document information needed to onboard new developers (Important repos, Dev environment setup shrinkwrap process, UI automation setup etc.) • Introduce testing focused round and participate in several interviews for Software Engineering roles. • Hire an intern for the team. • Implement mechanism to surface up implications of code changes on user performance into Pull requests. • Optimize and setup cloud providers across the company to improve developer productivity. (Saucelabs etc.) • Lead implementation of visual testing into the pipeline to detect visual breakages in the product. • Start Proof of concept for anomaly detection for Key performance indicators of business.

Test Architect


Feb 2015 - Jul 2017

• Create strategies for testing and automation for multiple apps integrating into the new Product working with several cross teams. • Invented and lead implementation of an Automated management tool for Automated tests which allows to manage flakiness for UI tests by defining life cycle of an automated test. • Investigate various automation npm modules (nightwatch,,, nemo.js, selenium-webdriver, wd, appium etc.) • Create Integration and UI tests automation framework for server side, client (web browser, mobile browser). • Evangelize, generalize and help onboard various teams on automation framework and CI/CD platform. • Implement ability to selectively run only failed tests saving several engineering hours and resources for test execution. • Implement service virtualization for mocking external dependencies to improve reliability of tests. • Investigate and setup infrastructure for performance, load and RUM (Real user measurement) testing for server and client including mobile. • Implement mechanism to surface up implications of code changes on user performance into Pull requests. • Optimize and setup cloud providers across the company to improve developer productivity. (Saucelabs etc.) • Lead implementation of visual testing into the pipeline to detect visual breakages in the product.

Sr. Software Development Engineer in Test


Sep 2013 - Jan 2015

• Memory profiled the web application to detect memory leaks at different places in the application. • Automated the memory profiling to send data to Elastic Search, Log Stash and Kibana to see profiling information under different test scenarios. • Build a new framework to migrate existing C# UI automation to Ruby and RSpec from an existing framework created by another team • Participate in a group activity and come up with a Risk based regression plan to be used for each release. • Configure Jenkins jobs to run all tests against each build of the app. • Update the framework to be able to run all tests in parallel. • Create a mechanism that allows sending RSpec test data to Elastic Search, Log Stash and Kibana and creating a dashboard to track the reliability and stability of tests. • Performance and Load testing to detect and improve load times for the Website Builder Application.

Staff Software Test Engineer


Apr 2013 - Aug 2013

- Lead the testing efforts for adding a new cloud capability to existing product. - Proposed an idea of creating an android lab that would allow to remote control Android device to promote re usability of the devices used across different products within the company. And to provide a mechanism to run all the automated tests on all the Android devices.

Sr. Software Test Engineer 2


Mar 2012 - Feb 2013

- Perform technical research on being able to add new features to the product. - Establish a framework utilizing existing technologies within the company to be able to automate across different platforms including Windows, Mac, Web and Android. - Created an Automation plan which gave the return on investment based on the hours taken to automate and time saved after the number of times/builds automation is run. - Work with the team in Bangalore, India to execute on this plan to attain higher level on automation for all the platforms. - Co-own Testlink (test case management tool) deployment and maintenance. - Help with creating a XenServer instance to provide Windows VM provisioning capability for the entire company. - Maintain and update all the proxies used for testing all of our products. - Scrum master and work on integrating a new platform as a service that will provide cloud functionality to an existing product. - Report, reproduce, co-ordinate and get issues resolved working with teams in Florida, California and India for different platforms including web, Windows, Mac and iOS.

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


Apr 2011 - Mar 2012

- Work on and test Android app for GoToMyPC - Automate all the functionality implemented for the app using the custom built framework and robotium. - Create test plans for new and existing functionality. - Performance testing and end to end testing of the Android app. - Support, interact and learn from offshore team for any new and existing product development.

Quality Assurance Engineer


Jan 2008 - Mar 2011

- Perform testing and report bugs if any found in the GoToMyPC product. - Automate existing and new functionality using necessary automation tools like test complete, webtest and custom built automation framework using Java. - Making sure Agile (Scrum) processes are followed within the team for faster release cycles.

Quality Assurance Intern


Apr 2007 - Jul 2007

- Wrote Automation Code in VB Script for the Installation of ITG Software using Quick Test Professional v9.0 - Developed code in VB Script to check the functionality of the newer versions of software being developed. - Tested the code developed using different test cases.

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