Kiran Bondalapati

Kiran Bondalapati

VP Engineering at Snorkel AI

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    Technology leader with breadth of experience and expertise in building teams and systems across the stack spanning web-scale distributed systems to hypervisors. Experience in zooming out to the big picture: Ability to break down requirements and problems to synthesize organizations and systems that are effective, agile, scalable and robust. Use metrics driven execution patterns with agile teams and processes. Drive and transform organizational culture and strategy. Enjoy recruiting, building, leading and mentoring great teams at large companies and from scratch at startups. Grow individuals and organizations embracing psychological safety. Focused on delivering value to users and customers. Ability to zoom in to the deep: Engage teams and individuals in making the right technology choices. Know how to invalidate caches in distributed databases and multi-processor MESI protocols and also reasonably good at naming things. Dealt with git init and decades old code bases. Comfortable all the way from Powerpoint to assembly. Mentored individuals in technical and leadership growth.

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    Electronics & Semiconductors
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    Using Documentation to Increase Efficiency in the Remote Workplace

    7 January

    Kiran Bondalapati, VP Engineering at Snorkel A, describes his transition into the remote working environment at his previous startup and the challenges he overcame.

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