Joe Chang

Joe Chang

Director of Engineering at Uber Freight

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    I'm building out a new team within Uber that's tackling the fragmented Freight industry. We stand on the shoulders of giants, applying Uber's technology to B2B and the Enterprise. I've previously spent time at Google managing a team of Solutions Engineers for Adwords' largest customers, and also co-founded a now public company in the same space. I'd love to exchange ideas: I always find it exciting to learn from others, and share some of the lessons I've learned over the years. I've been leading and managing teams for the past 20 years, but find that the craft of Software Engineering is ever evolving, so one should never rely on "experience". Keep learning, keep evolving. Thanks to Plato for helping us to do so!

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    Health and Emotions Should Not Come with Targets and Goals

    10 September

    Joe Chang, director of engineering at Uber Freight, describes how the tech world could use a healthy break from data when dealing with people and their feelings.

    Company Culture
    Team Processes
    Cultural Differences
    Health / Stress / Burn-Out
    Drive ownership from the inception of projects

    6 December

    Joe discusses the role of managers, and discusses whether they should drive ownership on projects or leave their team do so, and how managers can ensure that their employees are engaged.

    Sharing The Vision
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