Jeremy Shaw

Jeremy Shaw

Director of Engineering at Veritas Technologies LLC

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Hello everyone, I've been in software VP Eng (or similar) roles the last 10 or so years, and manager roles the prior 15 or so. Hoping to give back using the experience I've gained along the way. I've supported the development of some interesting products, including an enterprise software development toolchain, mobile medical reference apps for point of care, and a digital tracking system for golf. That golf product had a lot of moving s/w parts, and I also had responsibility for hardware/manufacturing (quite a different challenge from software) so pretty interesting even to a non-golfer like myself :) Most recently I've been working at Veritas on an IT analytics dashboard product - back to Enterprise software! I've introduced Scrum at a couple of companies, and have used an Agile approach for the last 10+ years. Managed local and remote employees, contractors and suppliers, and worked across many timezones (9 total, spanning the globe, though thankfully not all at once!). Excited to join this community and to help folks.

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Director of Development, APTARE IT Analytics

Veritas Technologies LLC

Sep 2019 - current

Aptare IT Analytics is a platform offering unified insights into multi-vendor IT infrastructure (backup, storage and virtual infrastructures) in heterogeneous environments.

Vice President of Engineering


Jul 2012 - Feb 2019

Successfully launched 20 major software and hardware products and features, with many rapid release cycles. Grew the team to 15 developers in San Francisco, Galway, and outsource team in Kiev. Key member of executive team, worked closely with Product to plan roadmap and releases, and with Customer Support to maintain customer satisfaction. Assumed additional responsibility for hardware and manufacturing, successfully introducing the new product with a new contract manufacturer in China. Software included device firmware through desktop clients to web and native mobile clients (phones and watches) served from a RESTful API, hosted in the cloud on AWS. Technical architecture included sensors, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, iOS, Android, PHP, Angular, SQL and no-SQL data stores, machine learning and neural network. Game Your Game, Inc. (fka Active Mind Technology) created the category of digital tracking for golf, and remains the leader. The products include a wearable IoT system for tracking golf using GPS and MEMS sensors. The player wears a device on their waist, and the data captured is used to visualize the round on a satellite image of the course, as well as keep score, allow live and virtual competition, and provide insights to help improve performance.

Engineering Management Consultant


Nov 2011 - Jul 2012

Helped the company scale its engineering organisation (capacity to double headcount in 2012), involving process improvements, organisational planning, budgeting, hiring, etc. A significant contribution was rolling out an Agile methodology using Scrum. Aptare develops enterprise software for storage resource management. Gives CIOs visibility into performance and usage of massive storage systems.

Vice President, Mobile Development


Dec 2000 - Sep 2011

Led the 25+ engineering group responsible for mobile products and services, including development of handheld and server applications. We developed large client applications for the major mobile platforms (PalmOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, iOS), as well as two generations of server-side software which handle updates and messaging for the mobile clients. During my tenure, from startup to public company, I also led initial development of the company's drug reference web site, managed the QA team, and performed technical due diligence during M&A activities. I pioneered Agile processes at Epocrates (gaining Certified Scrum Master status in the process), and worked with several offshore out-sourcing groups to get products implemented. More than 1.4 million healthcare professionals, including 50% of U.S. physicians, use Epocrates products at the point of care. Fast Company ranked Epocrates the 10th most innovative company of 2011.

Director of Engineering

Gupta Technologies

May 1995 - Nov 2000

Led development and QA of the Development Tools and Database Connectivity products, in particular SQLWindows - a 4GL client-server development system at that time competing with Visual Basic. Progressed from manager of build/release to director of engineering. At it's height, when I was there, Gupta/Centura Software was a $100MM revenue public company.

Project Manager

Plexus Division of Banctec Inc.

Jan 1990 - Jan 1995

Led development of the client tools which enable 4GL development of Windows-based document image processing applications. Created common porting source for Plexus' implementation of the Informix database engine, blob support, and optical drive/jukebox device drivers. SunOS, HP-UX, Pyramid and other ports.

Senior Software Engineer

MEiKO Scientific Ltd.

Jan 1988 - Jan 1990

Development of system networking software for massively parallel supercomputers (X.25, Ethernet drivers and TCP/IP stack)

Senior Software Engineer, Renishaw Controls


Jan 1986 - Jan 1988

Development of software for Transputer-based custom industrial networking control modules. Solely responsible for novel industrial measurement system, from concept to beta installation.

Software Engineer, Industrial Systems Division

Texas Instruments

Jan 1984 - Jan 1986

R&D of industrial networking interfaces for manufacturing machines. Productisation, customisation and pre-sales support of industrial networking products.

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