Harold Affo

Harold Affo

Senior Manager, Software Engineering at Capital One

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    I am a software engineering and machine learning leader combining experience leading cross-functional teams. My broad technical experience spans Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Bigdata, DevOps, microservices, and process automation. I'm intensely focused on individual and team development, with a zeal for bridging organizational silos, and my assignments require thoughtful balancing of aggressive software deliveries with long-term technical, architectural, and organizational goals.Strong interests in teams and organizational leadership as well as technical interest in emerging technologies such as AI, MLOps, Blockchain, IoT.Primary skills: Software Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, Data engineering, Java, Python, CI/CD, leadership, management.

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    Understanding One Another: The Secret to Collaboration

    7 January

    Harold Affo, Senior Manager of Software Engineering at CapitalOne, shares his background of living in many countries and how that opened his mindset towards other cultures and new mindsets.

    Personal Growth
    Coaching / Training / Mentorship
    Psychological Safety
    Cultural Differences
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