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Ehsan Imran

Ehsan Imran

Engineering Manager at thinkmoney

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    I'm an experienced and well-connected Engineering Manager, passionate about enhancing developer experience and delivering highly effective business value. Let's talk about: • Technology Strategy Patterns • Leadership and Management Strategies • Talent Attraction and Technical Recruitment • Team Building and Stages of Team Development • Obstacles and Challenges • Motivation and Conflict Management • Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation • High-Performance Habits • Coaching for High Performance • Product Design and Development • Lean Agile, XP and Software Craftsmanship • Engineering Principles and Practices • Code Reviews and Technical Coaching • Software Design and Development • Developer Testing and Security • Modern Architecture I like to stay close to tech by supporting and coaching my engineering team, taking part in hackathons and working on side projects.

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    3 Years


    Manager of ICs


    Financial Services / Fintech
    Consumer Electronics
    Computer Software

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    Breaking Out Our Project Team Into Multiple Stream-Aligned Teams

    1 June

    Ehsan Imran, Engineering Manager at thinkmoney, shares how he helped new, stream-aligned teams make a mindset shift and coached them to become more self-organized.

    Becoming a Manager: My Three-Step Journey

    28 May

    Ehsan Imran, Engineering Manager at thinkmoney, speaks of his efforts to best prepare for his transition to a manager role.

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    Engineering Manager


    Oct 2020 - current

    I'm a dedicated Engineering Manager who's focus is people, process and tech. I instil sound engineering principles and practices in order to help enable cross-functional teams to deliver high quality working software, quickly. I have taken the lead on recruiting the very best Developers and QAs into our organisation and have helped tweak the process to ensure that we deliver a great candidate experience. I work with the CTO, Head of Engineering and Chief Architect to ensure that what we are building is inline with our architectural vision for the future. I also work closely with our Product Owners to help steer the direction of our product.

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