Dipti Srivastava

Dipti Srivastava

Director Product Software Architecture and Engineering at Equinix

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am a hands-on, enthusiastic and energetic senior engineering leader with experience in architecture, design, development, and delivery of Public/Private Cloud-based software services, DevOps automation frameworks, and enterprise applications. My passion lies not only in developing innovative products, but also in enabling others to perform efficiently in what they do. Outside of my work at Equinix, I am a board member and volunteer for the Saratoga Music Boosters program. Specialties: Organizational Leadership, Management, Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Strategy, Innovation, Full-stack, Mobile (iOS, HTML5, Android), SOA, Micro-services, REST, Enterprise Applications, People management, Scalability and Performance, Agile Methodologies, SCRUM

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Education / eTech
Computer Software
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Building a Remote Team: Focusing on the Hiring Pipeline

28 March

Dipti Srivastava, Director of Product Software Architecture and Engineering at Equinix, shares her experience building a remote team to work on a new initiative in a different geographical location.

Building A Team
Company Culture
Engineering Leadership
Technical Leadership
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