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David Long

David Long

Chief Technology Officer at Lexipol

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  • Monday 13th Dec8:00 PM (GMT)

I’ve been in technical management for the past 26 years, with the past 19 years as COO/VP of Engineering. I started my career as an MTS software developer at AT&T Bell Labs and moved into later stage telecom startups after that. I’m currently with Lexipol, the leading provider of policy/learning/wellness solutions for public safety.

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Why Your Developers Are Not Delivering On Time

11 June

David Long, Chief Product Officer at FirstAware, provides a persuasive explanation of what slows developers down and makes a few suggestions on how to overcome these obstacles.

Managing Expectations
Trust but Verify: How Much is Too Much Autonomy?

31 October

David realizes that a manager has not only gone against the assigned process, but has lied to him about it face-to-face.

“Snapping the Chalk Line:” Organizational Problem-Solving

31 October

David shares the story of the genesis of his personal approach to going beyond software estimation.

Making yourself capable of handling a technical management role for the first time.

4 September

David Long shares how he leveled up and equipped himself to handle a technical management role for the first time.

Personal Growth
Changing Company
New Manager
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Chief Technical Officer


Apr 2020 - current

I lead product development and engineering operations, as well as corporate IT for the company.

Chief Product Officer

FirstAware, Inc.

Feb 2019 - Oct 2019

VP of Engineering


Sep 2012 - Mar 2019

Responsible for Product Development, Quality Assurance, Customer Support, DevOps, Data Center and Network Operations, leading a multi-location team of four directors and 40 engineers, plus outsourced resources. Transformed the appliance-based product to a cloud-based SaaS product with mobile and desktop clients. These products provide real-time secure streaming audio and video, supporting thousands of endpoints on a secure national public safety network. The technologies used include Android, iOS, Java, Linux, C++, C#, Objective C, Docker/Swarm and a variety of web services. Introduced Agile/Scrum/Lean Startup/TOC across all aspects of product management and product development.

Executive VP of Product Development and Operations

Taqua, LLC

May 2007 - Aug 2012

I was part of a management buyout of the former Taqua assets, acquired from GenBand (who acquired all switching assets from Tekelec) in May 2007. Responsibilities included software and hardware development, QA testing, technical support, DevOps, project management and manufacturing. Managed an international team of 7 managers and 50 employees. Technologies used included Real Time Unix, C++, PHP and Windows.

VP of Engineering


Apr 2004 - Apr 2007

Leading product development and engineering support with a worldwide team of 7 managers and 170 engineers, supporting over $150M in revenue. Responsibilities included Software Development, QA testing, Integration testing and DevOps. Introduced and utilized Agile/Theory of Constraints for all product development.

AVP of Engineering

Taqua, Inc.

Dec 2001 - Apr 2004

Responsible for the software technology turnaround for a compact class 5 switch. Taqua was acquired by Tekelec in April 2004.

Director of SW Quality and Tools

Lucent Technologies

Aug 1995 - Aug 2001

Various IT and R&D roles across a variety of business units.

Principal Sales Engineer

Cadre Technologies/Cayenne Software

Sep 1993 - Sep 1995

Member of the Technical Staff (MTS)

AT&T Bell Laboratories

May 1987 - Sep 1993

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