Chris Haag

Chris Haag

Vice President of Engineering at Salesforce

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Hi everyone! My name is Chris Haag and I am currently VP, Software Engineerng at Salesforce leading 7 teams covering capacity & cost management and data science forecasting across all of Salesforce's businesses.

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Preparing Your Pitch and Specifying Your Process for Hiring
1 April

Chris Haag details crucial actions to take during the pitch and the process preparatory stages of hiring.

Chris Haag

Chris Haag

Vice President of Engineering at Salesforce

The Essentiality of Identifying ‘Who You Are’ When Hiring
1 April

Chris Haag describes the importance of knowing who you are as a manager, a team, and as a company during the hiring process.

Chris Haag

Chris Haag

Vice President of Engineering at Salesforce


Managing High Performers

It can be tempting to handle high performers in a “fire & forget” mode — after all they are the ones you can count on to be self-sufficient and get things done. However, experienced managers learn that their high performers can require as much of their attention as low performers. Moreover, if you accept the premise that the role of a leader is to build leadership, then growing your high performers is a key responsibility.
Chris Haag
Managing Low Performers

Managing low performing employees is a topic that vexes leaders at all levels. How much time and effort should we invest to help them improve? How do you know when further efforts are pointless? When do you switch from “managing them up“ to ”managing them out“? Inevitably working with low performers will be stressful and likely create anger, anxiety, and sadness for the manager.
Chris Haag


Senior Director, Engineering


Feb 2014 - current

Led and grew the Engineering and Data Science teams. Under my leadership, team accomplishments included: o Built a Machine Learning pipeline that applied over a dozen ML models with thousands of features to over 60M daily events o Scaled the real-time pipeline, primary data stores, and application tiers using native AWS services (e.g. Kinesis, DynamoDB, EKS) to meet the needs of the business, optimizing performance and scalability, while managing costs o Led the engineering and product teams to deliver three email security products which leap frogged the competition, decreased new customer on-boarding time and achieved an impress adoption rate across our customer base • Played the primary role in growing the overall engineering team from 12 to over 60 engineers • Handled our Security & Compliance function, built out an internal Security FAQ which ensured the SEs could handle 90+ percent of all RFPs without escalation and then built out our GRC team as we scaled. • Agari grew revenue, closed an OEM deal with Cisco and closed a $40M funding round with Goldman Sachs

Vice President of Services & Operations


Sep 2011 - Nov 2014

Cedexis was acquired by Citrix in 2018. In addition to handling US based sales engineering efforts and our DevOps team, I conceived, product managed, designed, and developed (using Python and AWS Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)) Cedexis' Netscope offering. Netscope reached 7 figures in committed ARR in less than one year and continues to be a large part of the Cedexis' revenue stream. Netscope was significant in Citrix's decision to acquire Cedexis.

Senior Manager, IT Operations

Cisco Systems

Jan 2010 - Jan 2011

Lead a team of >25 engineers who were responsible for deploying, maintaining, securing and scaling Cisco's Security Cloud Solutions. Mentored front line managers across our Network Operations (NOC) team, operations engineering team (the interface to the software engineering group) and our internal engineering group (building tools to make the operations team more efficient).

Manager, Technical Support

IronPort (acquired by Cisco)

Jan 2007 - Jan 2009

Lead the teams which developed and supported our customer facing support portal and knowledge base (PHP, MySQL and JavaScript), PBX phone system (Asterix) and well as our product support team which rolled out Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and provided input into the product roadmap based on a statistical analysis of customer interactions.

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