Felipe Gutiérrez

Felipe Gutiérrez

Sr. Data Engineer at Independent Consultant

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I graduated as a mechanical engineer back in 2007 and very early in my career had the chance to analyze aircraft engines data for GE Aviation, using a good number of statistics and probabilistic. Later, I was part of the development of a project related to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions which lead me to create my own team. My first challenge was handling different technical skills and achieve goals and the result was a well consolidated and top performance team that enabled us to get involve in digital products such as Flight Safety and Fuel Efficiency. Due to the complexity, we needed to reskill our team and integrate new technologies and programming languages. At this level of technical expertise, it is required to not only look for excellence but to also take care of the personal growth and set clear goal definitions. I have developed a coaching and mentoring method that have helped me to improve careers and play a more strategic role into organizations. After 11 years in GE Aviation, I was offered and IoT project that intended to be a new business model on the retail industry; this new business model consisted of rent the fridge and provide all the operational services. For this, I had to create another high performance and multiskilled team but the difference this time was that I had outsource most of my requirements and work with an external company to fulfill the requirements. We were able to achieve the cooler monitoring using cloud technologies and expand the services to other countries like United States, Colombia, Brazil and Turkey. During this project, I had the opportunity to coach members and maintain the focus on a highly volatile project in terms of goals and uncertainty. I needed a change and managed to work for few months in a Consultancy company which I learn how to properly organize and execute a digital project which led me to my current journey as an Independent Consultant collaborating on Data Engineer solutions. My leadership style is by asking open-ended questions and elaborate together, just as a guidance, an action plan to attain desirable goals by measuring the impact, always with the necessary flexibility. I like to use different techniques like Social Style models to identify difference within the team and how can we integrate them all to properly perform and also like to introduce an InsideOut technique when coaching.

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