Ashutosh Saxena

Ashutosh Saxena

Senior Director, Head of Europe Engineering and Site Lead, Ireland at Shippo

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Senior engineering leader, hands-on executive with two decades of experience in US, Ireland, and India, with expertise leading architecture, development, and delivery of highly scalable technology products, building and scaling high performance global teams and strategy to drive business outcomes

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Senior Director, Head of Europe Engineering


Jan 2022 - current

* Established up Shippo Ireland as their conduit to Europe; strategized and created frameworks with legal, finance, HR, Marketing, and PR, to build an employee base of 120 in three years * Managed a €8.5MM budget across engineering and European operations in 2022; established Shippo’s brand name as a business and an employer in Ireland * Responsible for developing, implementing, managing, and evaluating Shippo’s overall technology platform along with business growth in Europe * Owned Shippo Platform, one of two major Shippo products, that provides API for ecommerce partners like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, 3PLs, merchants, used by 6K accounts * Captained a distributed Platform engineering team spanning US and Europe, streamlining execution and turning around low morale to predictably deliver a series of compelling product releases * Evangelized an org-wide effort on unifying the Shippo Public API and Platform API, removing ambiguity and driving feature parity across direct merchants and platform users * Formed Shippo’s Developer Relations and Developer Experience programs to enable developer adoption, ease of development, and building a community and Shippo’s technology brand name

Director of Engineering and General Manager, Deem Ireland

Deem, Inc.

Mar 2019 - Jan 2022

* Moved from San Francisco to set up the European R&D innovation center, and hired a world class team to improve upon the efforts of hundreds of top-notch Silicon Valley engineers over 2 decades * Incorporated Deem in Dublin. Strategically found and set up an engineering office. Established legal, accounting, and recruiting processes, and working culture and cohesion among US, India, and Europe * Responsible for executive strategy for all operations in Ireland and a budget of €15 million * Grew the engineering organization from 0 to 30 within 6 months, consisting of hiring managers, engineers, scrum masters, product managers, designers, from Europe, US, and India * Scaled the organization to 80 in 2 years, including 30 engineers in Spain, Belarus, and Thailand * Successfully filed for Irish government’s R&D grants, saving €2.5 million each year * Led the Tech Modernization initiative: architected, designed, and implemented new capabilities and feature parity with performance improvements, moving from a legacy to a modernized platform. Re-architected Deem’s monolithic travel platform into microservices while delivering new capabilities * Fostered a modern, agile, software development process, cultivating a left-shift mindset encompassing test driven development, automated deployments, shipping every day. Established product roadmaps, scrum and documentation processes, DevOps and InfoSec policies * Managed several engineering teams, accountable for their successes, providing coaching, mentorship and support to achieve delivery goals and develop career progression

Engineering Manager, Deem San Francisco

Deem, Inc.

Aug 2015 - Mar 2019

* Led and managed the architecture, design, and development to deliver software for Deem’s Open Expense platform, integrating with partners like Chrome River, Infor, and Workday * Author of Deem Alliance Open API, which allows partners to integrate with Deem Travel; partnered with Business Development and Customer Success teams to evangelize use of Open API * Spearheaded a process of 2-week release cycles in an otherwise monolithic world of 6-week releases * Doubled up as Product Manager, working with customers and partners and feeding into the product * Owned full stack development for core features, and external provider integrations for Deem Expense * Designed and built Expense REST API, database, backend, and frontend services, hybrid mobile app

Principal Software Engineer, Deem San Francisco

Deem, Inc.

Jan 2010 - Aug 2015

* Architected Deem’s Expense solution, introduced and created a microservices architecture in a pre-Docker, pre-Kubernetes era, contrasting the existing monolith * Designed FreePaaS–a homegrown deployment system predating Kubernetes that enabled CD * Developed the API, web, and UI; authored RCYUI, a Javascript platform framework used across Deem

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