Ali Irturk

Ali Irturk

Vice President of Engineering at WorkBoard Inc.

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Born and raised in Istanbul, Ali graduated from the Turkish Naval Academy and served as an officer in the Turkish Navy. After leaving the Navy, Ali earned Master's degrees in Computer Engineering and Economics at UC Santa Barbara, a PhD degree in Computer Science at UC San Diego and an MBA at UC Berkeley. Ali created and managed the advanced products group at Cognex Corporation for 8 years while working as an adjunct professor at UC San Diego. Ali and his team worked on creating innovative industrial vision systems to help companies improve their product quality, eliminate production errors and lower manufacturing costs. Examples of the products he worked on were the world's first vision system on chip and world's fastest 3D scanning system to name a few. Before WorkBoard, he was the Vice President of Engineering at ALICE Technologies working on revolutionizing the construction industry with artificial intelligence. In his spare time, Ali enjoys traveling, meditating, reading books and outdoor activities like skiing and hiking.

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