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Hey, I'm Alex! Coming from an engineering background in Distributed Systems and Information Retrieval, I currently lead the Knowledge Graph My views came from working in a diverse set of cultures in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Silicon Valley. Talk to me about establishing technical leadership, building engineering culture and processes, building engineering teams and hiring, partnering up with the Product organization, and building amazing software sustainably.

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Organic Leadership: Becoming a Manager

25 August

Alex Oleinikov, Software Engineering Manager at, recalls being promoted to a manager after stepping up to solve problems his team members faced.

Personal Growth
New Manager
Getting Ready for a Cold Start

25 August

Alex Oleinikov, Software Engineering Manager at, shares how he started a team from scratch and what he had to put in place before the first hires began to arrive.

Mission / Vision / Charter
Building A Team
Putting a Stake in the Ground

25 August

Alex Oleinikov, Software Engineering Manager at, argues that to secure support from engineering leadership, one needs to put a stake in the ground and deliver on the promises.

Managing Up
Managing Expectations
Closing a Candidate: How a Customized Narrative Can Help

25 August

Alex Oleinikov, Software Engineering Manager at, uncovers how having a customized narrative on what the company does and what is in it for a candidate can help close them.

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