Pascal Rodriguez

Pascal Rodriguez

Engineering Director at Visium

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I am a creative, passionate, and hands-on software engineering leader. For the past 8 years, I’ve built and managed excellent software engineering teams ensuring the delivery of resilient and high-quality software components. An advocate of the DevOps culture, I enjoy multi-cultural environments and leveraging my organisational skills, problem-solving mindset, and ability to work under pressure to empower individuals and create a great team spirit. Particularly interested in distributed systems, product development and building effective software development teams

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Working Effectively In a Remote Environment

28 July

Pascal Rodriguez, Director of Engineering at Visium, shares how his company created a supportive environment for remote work by introducing a self-service and asynchronous mindset rules.

Working and Leading Remote Teams
Finding Time to Remove Tech Debt

28 July

Pascal Rodriguez, Director of Engineering at Visium, explains why taking care of tech debt is important and what it takes you away from.

Engineering Processes
How to Build an Effective Development Team From Scratch

28 July

Pascal Rodriguez, Director of Engineering at Visium, shares how he was inspired by an idea of a dream team when he was tasked to build an effective development team.

Building and Scaling Teams
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