Devika Razdan

Devika Razdan

Head of Product & Technology at Milkbasket

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Hi! I am Devika, an avid problem solver product tech leader. A staunch believer of technology led product-growth, I work to scale complex systems and build self organised cross functional teams. I like to think of myself as a system architect whose craft is to build successful products, teams and processes. I talk about technology, product and women in technology and startups. I am happiest building, coaching and mentoring high functioning product engineering teams. I am passionate about building next set of leaders and bring more women to startups!

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VP Product & Technology


Aug 2022 - current

I mentor, coach, hire and build product tech teams using technology and data. Advocating product led growth, I work with other executive level leaders to build what customers love. All this while working within the constraints of budget, cost, people, process and org functions and dysfunctions.

Director Product Engineering


Jul 2019 - Jul 2022

blinkit (formerly grofers) is India’s leading quick commerce consumption service. It has metamorphosed from EDLP (everyday low prices) next day delivery to an instant consumption business at a blitzscale pace. I am part of our senior engineering leadership team and my learnings have been how to solve hard business problems with technology and data. Over the years I have learnt to marry product thinking into engineering and build self sufficient teams. My experience helps me to talk about how to budget, hire, build and mentor teams, evaluate and manage vendors/services and take build/buy decisions. I have nuanced take on engineering management, leading and coaching, scaling orgs from 0 to 1 to 100, technical debt, product market fit, design trade offs and writing minimal code.

Solution Architect


Jul 2006 - Jul 2019

I played the role of trusted technology advisor for our clients C-Suite level. I have spent most of my time in New York while consulting for our clients. My learnings have been around exceptional verbal communication, good writing - both tech and non-tech, designing and writing great architecture artifacts and design trade-offs.

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