Dan Fike

Dan Fike

Deputy to the CTO / Principal Software Engineer at Carta

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Experienced Team Lead and Software Engineer with a BS in CS from UIUC. Strong history in web applications, backend infrastructure, and game development.

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Senior Staff Software Engineer


May 2019 - current

Engineering Strategy, Office of the CTO

Senior Software Engineer


Jul 2018 - May 2019

Search Infrastructure, internal tools.

Principal Software Engineer

Yahoo, Inc.

Sep 2016 - Jul 2018

As a member of Yahoo's Hadoop Grid UI team, I worked on internal administration tools for our Hadoop Grid. This tool offers self-service mechanisms for managing grid access, compute/storage quota, groups, etc, while enforcing configured prerequisites such as mandatory training or security approval. I touched all aspects of this tool; from backend to frontend, unit tests to deployment automation. Additionally, we would collect, aggregate, and present dashboards on grid activity and cost. I also worked on supporting and extending our custom on-grid deployment of Jupyter as a service for internal engineering, where we integrated it into HDFS and Spark, as well as our internal authentication stack. I did something similar for Apache NiFi. Yahoo was acquired by Oath in June 2017. Oath was a subsidiary of Verizon and has since been absorbed further in Verizon Media.


Apropose, Inc.

Oct 2014 - Sep 2016

Spun out of Stanford's Computer Science department from award-winning research in machine learning and HCI, and backed by NEA and Andreessen Horowitz, Apropose was an early-stage startup with a mission to bring a new kind of data to the web design and optimization process. Apropose helped companies optimize their online conversion funnel based on insights from design and performance data aggregated across competitors and top players on the Web.

Project Architect, Sr. Programmer

Volition, Inc.

Sep 2007 - Oct 2014

I most recently filled the role of Project Architect during the early stages of Agents of Mayhem. I was charged with safeguarding Volition's investment in engine tech and tools by ensuring the Project Team optimally utilized and integrated with our engine technology. I ensured we architected our systems for long term utility, stability, flexibility, and ease of use. I was responsible for the quality of system architecture and for monitoring and addressing aggregate technical risk. Additionally, I supported Production in team member assignment and allocation decisions, fulfilling some responsibilities typically associated with a Project Technical Director position. Previously, I was a member of the Core Tech Group, which is tasked with long-term planning and construction of our next-generation game engine and toolchain. I specifically designed and implemented a C language introspection and reflection framework to support the game and tools. This has proven to be a critical element of our game development model going forward. Prior to that, I acted as the Systems Architect for Saints Row: The Third DLC. I filled the role of Gameplay Lead for programmers. I traveled overseas to deploy tools to remote workers in China. I served as a liaison with Microsoft and Sony to create and deploy DLC and game patches. Other notable accomplishments include creating a distributed pipeline for exporting game content, thereby reducing the turnaround on many frequent operations from days to hours. Also, I built the coolest memory profiler ever. Ask me about these, I love to talk about them.

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