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Damian Schenkelman

Damian Schenkelman

Principal Engineer at Auth0

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Damian is a Principal Engineer at Auth0, where he focuses on making its architecture reliable and scalable. He loves to solve hard problems of any type, especially those related to making software and teams scale. Before Auth0, Damian spent many years working for Microsoft on Azure, Media, and patterns & practices related initiatives. He spends his spare time with family and friends, exercising, and catching up on all things NBA.

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    Influencing People and Getting Your Items Into Their Backlog

    3 August

    Damian Schenkelman, Principal Engineer at Auth0, discusses how to influence managers and executives to have their teams work on projects that you believe are important.

    Balancing Multiple Assignments: Determine What Is "Important" in Each of Them

    3 August

    Damian Schenkelman, Principal Engineer at Auth0, explains how to balance multiple assignments, particularly when leading large projects while at the same time handling other day-to-day responsibilities.

    Managing Expectations
    Achieving Alignment and Efficiency Through a Technical Strategy

    21 June

    Damian Schenkelman, Principal Engineer at Auth0, shares the fundamentals of developing a technical strategy and explains how that process helped him improve the overall efficiency of his engineering organization.

    Sharing The Vision
    Starting a Personal Mentoring Program at Work

    21 June

    Damian Schenkelman, Principal Engineer at Auth0, dissects his own efforts to become a mentor and establish a more formal mentoring program within his company.

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