Robert Mogos

Robert Mogos

Director of Engineering at Algolia

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Hi everyone, I am Robert! I am currently Director of Engineering at Algolia, leading the data ingestion platform. Algolia is an API-First Search and Discovery platform that empowers builders to compose experiences at Internet scale to predict what customers want with blazing fast search and the best application browse experience leading to more remarkable Discovery. The goal of the data ingestion platform is to unify and streamline how the data flows from our customers to the product teams. Our mission is to simplify this process by focusing on three main pillars: 1. Where and how we bring the data into Algolia 2. Matching the needs of the product teams with the data coming from the customers. 3. Building the best in class experiences for our marketplace partners. My responsibilities include: - Managing the three main teams within the Data Ingestion Platform - Help defining the Technical & Product vision - Strategy & planning on future growth - Hiring I started my career as a mobile / iOS developer. I worked for several year in an agency building mobile applications for different customers like: Nespresso, BestWestern, Bazarchic, etc.. After several years, I had the opportunity to work at Apple in Paris, working mostly on internal products and tools. Two years after, I moved to Seattle to join Amazon where I spent most of my time on two main products: building the Silk Browser and building the Prime Now mobile application. Following up, I started ( and failed ) two startups, become lecturer at ESGI in Paris, teaching classes on algorithms, big data, mobile programming and others. In 2017 I decided to join Algolia. The first few years my main focus was leading our efforts on providing the best in class developer experience. Looking forward to chatting with all of you!

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