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Gregory Witek

Gregory Witek

Engineering Manager at

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    I'm an engineering manager with background in backend development. I spent most of my career working for startups with short stints in corporate world. I enjoy coaching and have some experience in working with bootcamp students and graduades. In my spare time I run Not Only Code - a blog and YouTube channel where I help developers have successful careers.

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    3 Years


    Manager of ICs


    Financial Services / Fintech
    Travel Services

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    Coaching Juniors With No CS Degree

    11 May

    Gregory Witek, Engineering Manager at EclecticIQ, shares how he approaches coaching juniors who are boot camp graduates and how that differs from coaching juniors with a CS background.

    Coaching / Training / Mentorship
    How to Make an Offshore Team Feel Included

    11 May

    Gregory Witek, Engineering Manager at EclecticIQ, tells of his efforts to make an offshore team based in the Philippines feel included by building remote-first culture spanning the whole organization.

    Building A Team
    Company Culture
    Drawing the Line Between the Roles of a CTO and an EM

    11 May

    Gregory Witek, Engineering Manager at EclecticIQ, speaks of his experience of being the first EM in an early phase startup and his attempts to draw the line between the responsibilities of a CTO and an EM.

    Career Path
    New Manager
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