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Sneha Singla

Sneha Singla

Director at Salesforce

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    A certified Scrum Master with 15 years of proven success in Project development and Solutions Design and well versed with the agile approach to project management. Possess sound exposure in development encompassing wide range of technologies and methodologies, special reference to design of complex large-scale object-oriented systems in C#, MVC and XML technologies. Adept in technology resource administration with distinctive abilities in managing and guiding project teams to deliver projects within pre-set budgets and schedules. Expertise in heading modules on system design, development and implementation, testing and technical support. Skilled in analyzing information system needs, troubleshooting for complex information systems management. An effective communicator with relationship management skills with the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management across the globe and significant experience working with customers, project managers and technical teams for securing & executing concurrent projects.

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    Self-Actualizing as a Woman in Tech

    21 June

    Sneha Singla, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Salesforce, knows how difficult turbulent times can be for one always looking for their next opportunity to advance.

    Becoming the Manager Who Makes a Difference

    21 June

    Sneha Singla, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Salesforce, takes a critical look at the most important responsibilities that come with leadership, none of which will be found in the job description.

    New Manager
    Changing the Tone of the Room as a New Manager

    21 June

    Sneha Singla, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Salesforce, helped her team break free of the negativity that plagued them, improving productivity and bringing everybody on board together in the process.

    Feelings Aside
    Conflict Solving
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