Pratibha Shambhangoudar

Pratibha Shambhangoudar

Secretary at AI committee, Cofounder/Ex CTO at ADV, Senior Software Engineering leader at Target

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Pratibha (Prati) is an entrepreneurial visionary and engineering leader driving highly strategic business initiatives to support corporate goals and capture new revenue growth opportunities managed and coached global teams at FedEx, Wells Fargo, Wipro & Target, with an extensive experience building innovative products and leading global & diverse teams (including differently abled engineers). She is passionate about inclusivity and currently serves as a Secretary/Liaison at AnitaB AI committee, with a mission to bring more women into the field of AI and contribute to the development of responsible AI products. She is also an engineering leadership mentor at Plato with a success record of mentoring 9 engineering managers from various industries and companies like Salesforce, Autodesk,, Duo Security and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Prati led Stores and supply chain teams at Target responsible for managing inventory accuracy for all the 1900+ Target stores throughout the USA. Previously, Prati was also a co-founder/CTO of a startup building an AI solution for influencer marketing. Prati has managed global teams of up to 21 software engineers and data scientists. Cofounded a startup in the video analytics space and developed a B2B app using machine learning and NLP.

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Influencing Without Authority (Servant leadership)

2 September

Pratibha Shambhangoudar, Senior software engineering manager (emip) at Target, shares how to influence without authority, demonstrating how to use your technical expertise to enable the team.

Transitioning into a New Management Role
Taking a Leap of Faith: My Career Path

2 September

Pratibha Shambhangoudar, Senior Software Engineering Manager (emip) at Target, tells of her determination and courage to venture into different fields and make the most of the existing opportunities.

Career Growth
Managing a Report With Communication Issues

2 September

Pratibha Shambhangoudar, Senior Software Engineering Manager(emip) at Target, dissects how she handled a report with poor communication skills and how reverse mentoring brought unexpected changes in a short while.

Career Growth
Communication and Collaboration
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