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Mario Hebert

Mario Hebert

Director of Engineering at MasterClass

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  • Wednesday 15th Dec4:00 PM (GMT)

I am a software engineer with over 20 years of experience and have held technical leadership roles on many occasions. I am very hands-on and most of my recent experience is in web development and data engineering. I have expertise in three specific areas: Marketing engineering: I have worked on both the advertiser and publisher side implementing and optimizing most technologies: VAST, VPAID, Adwords, Bing Ads, Criteo, Retargeting, TheTreadDesk, second-device, RTB, etc. I also have expertise user notifications (emails, SMS, app notifications) and customer retention and acquisition (campaigns, newsletters, etc.) Video: I have helped a company raise money for an Open video platform, built an SSP for Video Ads and share a patent in the video ads space. High traffic web system architecture. I have worked at two of the Comscore top 30 properties, developing customer facing web server using Docker, micro-services, and modern web architecture technologies. I have an entrepreneurial mind and am one of those engineers who understand both the technical and the business aspects of a project. Depending on the situation I am open to both individual contributor or leadership roles. My recent interests have been engineering-as-marketing, API strategy & practice, digital plumbing, machine learning (predictive analysis, etc.) and highly scalable systems. I have contributed to a few open-source projects like ethereal (packet sniffer), osCommerce (shopping cart) and Boxee (video streaming). I am on BugCrowd and Kaggle. I love to travel, I took one year off of work to travel around the world and have visited over 40 countries so far.

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