What is Elevate?

Elevate is a yearly conference for engineers seeking solutions to their biggest challenges put together by Plato, the mentorship platform for engineering leaders. This is Elevate's sixth edition, taking place in San Francisco on November 7 and 8, 2023.

What's different about this conference?

Most conferences tend to feature fluffy talks that provide little value to their attendees, focusing instead on in-person networking opportunities. Elevate is different, with a clear emphasis on relevant and timely content. All sessions follow the same format: "How we/I X at Y."

What sessions are you planning on attending?

Here are some of the workshops we've already published, with more to come:

  • How we do code reviews at Slack

  • How we do career ladders at Flatiron Health

  • How we build engineering resilience at Carta

  • How we do architecture at Okta

  • How we do GenAI at Slido

  • How we created a culture of ownership, growth mindset, and accountability at Adobe

  • How I grew from Software Engineer to VP of Engineering at Box

  • How we use AI to deliver telehealth at Transcarent

  • How we did Platform Engineering at Datadog

And many more.

How will Elevate make you better in your job?

With a vast array of options, you get to create your own journey at Elevate, picking workshops that are relevant to your current challenges and allowing you to pick the brains of industry leaders willing to help you out.

How can I summarize all of that to ask for my manager's approval?

Here's a short email you can use as a starting point.


I recently came across a conference I'm interested in attending. Elevate is organized by Plato, the mentorship platform for engineers, and its sixth edition is in San Francisco on November 7 and 8.

What piqued my interest was their focus on actual challenges. None of their sessions are inspirational or fluffy, each speaker tackles one big challenge and how they solved it at their company, such as "How we do code reviews at Slack", "How we did Platform Engineering at Datadog", and more.

There are a couple of sessions that directly relate to some of my current challenges, and I'm convinced I could get valuable learnings from Elevate.

I would love to discuss how to expense a ticket in our next 1-1.



If you have more questions or would like to discuss group options, feel free to contact us at gatherings@platohq.com.


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