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VMK Peddinti

Director of Engineering at Instacart

Building hyper-growth product teams

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Joined Feb 2022

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I am Viswa Mani Kiran Peddinti (He/Him), a Senior Engineering Manager at Instacart. I lead the Core experience team(s) at Instacart. My teams are bringing clarity and confidence to the customer's shopping journey on Instacart. Prior to Instacart, I worked at Airbnb for 4+ years where I was an Engineering Manager. Most recently, at Airbnb, I led teams to help scale short-term rental regulations. Before that, I was the Co Founder & CTO of Meed Inc., a social college recruiting platform. Prior to starting my company, I worked at Google and Microsoft primarily on ML. Specialities: - Building hyper growth product teams - Engineer by heart, Product lover, and Entrepreneur by passion - Near death experience teaches you how to live. Started, grew and shut down a startup to know how to do it better. - Machine Learning, Data Science, Recommendation Systems, Search algorithms, Ranking and Relevance.


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